Stained Glass & Fused Glass Beginners Classes at RDW Glass

Workshops and beginners classes in Stained Glass and Fused Glass. Wednesday evenings 6.30pm to 9.00pm. £180 (inc vat) for a 6 week course. All glass and equipment is provided. Weekend Workshops are also held on the last weekend of the month. Green City Studios, Glasgow, Scotland.
Vouchers can be bought here and used for any of the classes.

Glass and Tool Information (Horse Shoe Nails)

Horse shoe nails have been used for holding glass and lead in place while constructing the stained glass windows for centuries. The nails are quite soft and will bend and move giving the "plumber", person leading up the window, some leeway not to crack the glass if held in too tight. The nails have a large flat head which makes it easy to place and remove. Also horse shoe nails used to be commonplace and relatively cheap and could be found in the street.

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